The Need for Speed

I have now passed all my classes except snowmobile training which starts in two hours.

I got caught speeding on the runway yesterday. The NSF rep saw that I was doing 40 in a 25 zone. Believe it or not they have flags along the three mile path to the ice town out on the ice. I have just found out the flags are spaced at measured intervals to allow management to gauge the speed of vehicles. Think of a winter road that is snow covered. Now think of it as a completely open parking lot with nothing in the way except those flags. If you were to slide or spin out or anything there is nothing to hit except the flags which are like bamboo fishing poles. It's amazing the rules they have. The speed limit in town is 5 mph. It takes forever to get anywhere. I have been duly consoled to follow the rules no matter how dumb they are. Our boss thought the speed limit in town was 15. I guess they yelled at him too.


% of penguin pee in the ice:

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