Me? The organized one?

It is interesting that no one wants to let anyone know anything about themselves or their life off the ice. It's like it doesn't exist.

I get along with everyone fine except once in a while someone will get excited about a piece of equipment being broke and think everyone else is being lazy.

I had an argument yesterday because the person watching the shop forgot I was around when the runway lights went out. He called the guys from town to come out to help. I was in the next building over carrying equipment over for the new shop. He should have been helping me, but decided he couldn't be distracted from watching the radio.

When the techs from town arrived, I had just found out about 4 minutes ahead of time there was a problem. Once they found out what had happened, everything was alright as far as I was concerned, but it made for a few tense minutes when everyone was angry about the attitude of everyone else. I diffused the situation by isolating one person and finding out what their perception was and giving them the facts.

Sometimes these guys really jump to conclusions without a clue as to what the facts are. I have decided to slowly change the way the entire shop is run. There is absolutely no organization what so ever. I thought I was bad. They save spares for equipment that was removed from service 4 or 5 years ago. They also have no idea what jobs need to be done or what spares are on hand. Everything is by memory. "Oh yeah, if you go down to building so and so, I talked them into storing one of those for us last year." Totally ridiculous.

I'm going to start by creating a job status board and a common drive to keep it on. The next thing is to build shelves to store the weather equipment we issue to the camps and completely inventory/repair everything we have. Then it is on to inventorying everything else we have on hand and finding a place for it to live. I tried to convince Glen to bring you down for a month to organize the place, but he didn't think Charleston would go for it.

I think they intend to offer me a 30% raise to come back next year. I have also heard rumor they might offer me a full time position in Charleston when we get back. Nothing solid on either of those yet, of course.


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