Communications and Food

The weather was +7F yesterday and +10 today.  Been rather windy though.  They shut down all travel if the winds get too bad.  I will never have network in my room unless I get a PC-MCI card for my computer to do dialup.  That would be too slow and not worth the expense.  I have access from the shop on the LAN, but don’t have much time while I’m there.  The computer lab has a kiosk with about 10 computers for everyone to share, so can’t be online long there either.  I plan to start emailing pictures as soon as I get them downloaded off my camera.  By the way, the chow is as bad as you guys always described high school cafeteria food.  They have a lot of tree huggers here that insist on vegan meals as the primary source of nutrition.  Tonight was special.  We had prime rib which was great.  The fu-fu crap they served with it sucked.  At least they had corn.  No type of potato or rice though. 

Re: Communications and Food

It was great to read the updates on the blog. I look forward to following your adventures on the ice.
Stay warm!

Meghan R


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