Life on the Ice

Here is a map of Mc Murdo. (CAN ONLY BE SEEN FROM THE USAP.GOV NETWORK - PICTURE COMING SOON) I live in a dorm (much like college except older and smaller) in building 207 (one of the four long buildings to the left of the one with two triangles) and work at building 159 (first building to the left of the one with the botto triangle).  If you pass your cursor over the top of the buildings you can see the building number and name.  If you left click on the building you can see a photo of the building and look at the floor plan.  The descriptions are not necessarily correct.  This map is quite old, as are the pictures.  We also have a work center out on the ice by the ice runway.  We flew in at the pegasus runway.  Pegasus is out on the Ross shelf (Permanent ice, very thick) while the ice runway is in closer and will eventually melt away (or at least enough not to be able to use it as a runway) before I leave.  Today has been a lot slower.  All I've been doing is working on a end of runway lighting system.  No schematics, no ones exactly how it works, but we need to find out why it won't shut off.  The weather started off great today, but it is really windy.  I need to get home before the close down the roads.  They have three levels of weather conditions, 1, 2, and of course, 3.  Condition 3 means you can travel.  Condition 2 is only travel for high priority.  Condition 1 means you're stuck where ever you are.  Most people pray for condition 1 when they are at the bar.  I promise I'll start sending pictures soon.  Not having internet in the dorm and working when I work means not much ime to do much else.


% of penguin pee in the ice:

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