Here is my email address on the ice.

I’m at the public kiosk right now because I don’t have access in the room yet.  I will also be checking my SRC account as well.

We had to shovel ice all day today.  Some of landing system equipment quit working so we had to dig it out of the snow along with the cables.  A foot and a half of crusty blown snow and -6F.  Add that to about a hundred of distance and you have a long day.  I kept up with the pack and put some of them to shame with the amount of work I was doing compared to them.  A good feeling.  I’m feeling it tonight though.  Carl insisted I go out to the bar last night to get acquainted with some of the other folks.  According to him it makes it easier to get accustomed to the time change.  It went well and I didn’t over do it. 

I get up about 5:45 in the morning and go to work at 8.  It’s close enough to walk on even the coldest days, but we have 2 vans assigned to us that we use.  I do some ice training tomorrow and vehicle training later next week.
Gotta go!



% of penguin pee in the ice:

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