Make way! Coming through!

I am sitting at the kitchen table going through all the emails and benefit materials to prepare for the trip. The good news is that they provide the ECW (extreme cold weather)gear I'll need. The bad news is that it counts against my weight allowance on the plane. I only get 145 pounds total. That sounds like a lot until you realize I have to live with it for 5 months. Also, the glasses I just bought are metal framed and I can't use them outside on the ice. The cold would cause the frames to freezer burn my skin. I'm beginning to see where the cost of warm clothes alone really burns into the wages I'll make.

That brings me to the thought for the day:

You come down to the ice the first time for the experience, you come the second time for the money. After that you're just plain crazy and don't care.


% of penguin pee in the ice:

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